Download TubeMate for Mac

One of the most impressive and powerful tools for video download today is definitely Tubemate, a free tool that can be used exclusively to download any video from YouTube in a very intuitive and friendly interface that requires no knowledge or skills to be properly used, however, TubeMate for Mac is currently unavailable as it’s been only launched for Android devices and can be used on Windows-based computers through Bluestacks.

Tubemate is a full of features tool that has become a mandatory addition to any self-respecting fan of videos from YouTube. It supports multi-format download, diverse resolution options, resume downloading, built-in MP3 converter, video/audio playlists creation, social network sharing, just to name some of the most significant features.

However, we believe one of the most essential features offered by this tool is the background multi-download which allows the user to do other tasks in the device while the download completes, or just pause and later resume the download in progress if the internet bandwith is needed for other purposes.

Download Tubemate for Mac

As said before, Tubemate is not available for Mac, but there’s a very interesting alternate on iTunes Store called Tube Free, and like its name implies, it’s a completely free tool to save videos from popular platforms directly onto our Mac’s hard drive. You can choose the video resolution you want for your download, you can create playlists, save and play any sort of video and even set a passcode to protect your beloved videos.

Tube Free can be downloaded free of charge as stated before, all you need is click on the link provided in the previous paragraph to go directly to the official app site and then press the blue button on the left side to open on iTunes. Then, proceed to download the app like any other one you have downloaded from the iTunes Store to your Mac before, it’s a pretty easy and fast process.

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